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The Power of People Literacy
By Rich Meiss • Friday, February 8, 2008

The People Puzzle Series l: Introduction
A young father was working in his home office one summer evening, trying to finish a budget report for a meeting the next morning. His young son entered the room and asked his daddy to “come outside and play.” Intent on finishing his project, but also wanting to meet the needs of his son, the father asked him to go outside and get the baseball gloves and ball ready for some catch. The son ran off, and the father busied himself in finishing his task. Before long, the young boy was back, begging his father to please come outside.
Realizing that he needed another fifteen or twenty minutes to finish the project, the father began looking for a creative solution to meet both his needs and his son’s needs. Seeing an open newspaper lying on the couch, he came up with a brilliant idea.
“Son, do you see the picture of the world on this page of the newspaper? I am going to create a puzzle for you to put together, and when you have completed the puzzle, I will come outside and play catch with you!”
Grabbing the newspaper, he ripped the page with the world picture out, tore it into about twenty pieces, and laid the pieces down on the floor. Excited by this new challenge, the boy sat down and busily began to piece together the puzzle. The father silently congratulated himself on his genius solution, and went back to work on his report.
After just a few minutes, however, the father was surprised to hear his son say, “Daddy, look! I’m done! I put the world together! ” As he turned around, the father was amazed to see the picture of the world put together exactly right. “Son, that is outstanding,” he said. “But how were you able to get the world put together so quickly?”
The young boy smiled and said: Well, at first I was having lots of trouble getting the world put together. But then I noticed that on the back of the world was a picture of a man and a woman. I just put the puzzle pieces of the man and woman together, and when they were put together right, then the world was put together right!”
My Purpose
 I use that story to illustrate the purpose of the People Puzzle articles. Helping people “put together the puzzle pieces of their life” has been my life’s mission for many years. For over twenty- five years, I have had the privilege of conducting personal and professional development programs for well over 50,000 people on three continents. I have also been privileged to work with some of the great organizations and people in the personal and professional development field. These articles are a compilation of the wisdom and insights of all of these people and experiences, and it is designed to help you “put together the pieces of your life’s puzzle”.
In these articles, you will explore the following pieces of your puzzle:
Preface- Determining the Puzzle Pieces of Your Life’s Puzzle 
Article One- Personal Intelligences: How are you smart?
Article Two- Personal Talents: What do you do best?
Article Three- Personal Style: Why do you do what you do?       
Article Four- Personal Values: What is important to you?
Article Five- Personal Attitudes: How do you think?
Article Six- Personal Goals: Where do you go from here?
At the end of each article you will be directed to a web site with additional resources for discovering more about yourself in the topic of the article. The time and effort you spend completing self-assessments and suveys will help you clarify the current position of your life, and the future direction you wish to take. 
A wise sage once said: “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God.” The first three puzzle pieces, Intelligences, Talents and Style are the original equipment that you were born with. Those are God’s gift to you. The last three pieces, Values, Attitudes and Goals are your gift to God, because you have choices in how those are developed. Use the acronym IT’S VAG(ue) to remember these six key pieces to your life’s puzzle.
I wish you a pleasant journey as you discover the puzzle pieces of your life and chart your course for a wonderful future!
Rich Meiss
Minneapolis, MN
© Copyright 2008. Meiss Education Institute. All rights reserved.
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