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Ten Deadly Sins of Technical Presenters
By Rich Meiss • Friday, December 12, 2008

Ten Deadly Sins of Technical Presenters
1.     Failing to focus on the audience and “what’s in it for them”.
2.     Delivering too much content.
3.     Using jargon without explaining it.
4.     Rambling on about technical content without emphasizing key points.
5.     Using too many slides.
6.     Putting too much content on the slides so that it is not clear and readable.
7.     Failing to involve the audience.
8.     Letting questions sidetrack them.
9.     Speaking past their agreed-upon end time.
10.      Not starting and ending in a strong way.
Bonus: On slides with lots of data, end by stating the key point of the slide (and show it visually).
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