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7 Survival Tips for Successfully Managing During Tough Times
By Rich Meiss • Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While there are no simple or even unique ideas to managing successfully during tough times, there are good solid practices that you can adopt that will help you and your people wade through the waters of tough times.  


  1. Be available.   Hiding out in your office or meetings is not going to give people confidence in your ability to weather the storm.    Make time every day to speak with people about the challenges, fears or frustrations they are encountering.


  1. Focus on What is Working and New Possibilities.    Look for ways of taking what is working and expanding on those ideas to create new opportunities for you and your people.   This is the best time for you to encourage your people to take reasonable risks and the initiative to try new things.  


  1. Seize the Opportunity to Review Priorities.  Identify the number one priority and get everyone in the same boat.    Evaluate secondary priorities and help your people assess what are the important functions and responsibilities of their job that they should be focused on.


  1. Reward People for Reaching their Goals.  Tune in to the every day successes that your people are experiencing.     When you see people accomplishing their goals be the first one with a word of praise or commendation. 


  1. Be a Positive Role Model.   Model the behavior you want your employees to exhibit.   And be realistic of expectations of yourself.   No one is productive working 16 hour days.


  1. Communicate – Communicate – Communicate.   Be open and honest.    Routinely discuss what is happening.  People need to know that management is on top of things.   Share possibilities, not just the doom and gloom.  


  1. Thank People for Going the Extra Mile.   Let people know that you value them and their additional efforts of making do, working overtime, taking on extra assignments or just having a positive attitude. People need to feel appreciated during uncertain times.

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